Thursday, August 29, 2013

W pants pattern test

I've been debating with myself what would be a good place to start blogging about my sewing. I've got so many projects I'd like to share... So I decided to go with my first pattern test: the W pants pattern by Blank Slate Patterns.

love this pattern, another great one by Melissa. It comes in three length options (shorts, capris and pants) and has lots of options such as a functioning zipper fly and a zippered welt pocket. I think I need to make a pair for every day of the week -no one will be able to tell they're all from the same pattern. (Disclaimer: I don't get anything for saying I love this pattern, I just really do. I did get the pattern for free for testing it.)

I tested the size 18m in capri length. The red fabric is a medium bottom weight that I received around 2m of and that had been waiting in my stash for a great project. The denim is a remnant I got at Joann's; not enough for a complete pair of pants, but just perfect for the details on this one!

For these, I only added one zippered welt pocket. Partly because I had never done it before and didn't want to complicate things more, partly because I only had one red zipper of the right length. Even if it didn't turn out perfect, it was ridiculously easy thanks to Melissa's explanation and next time I'll do two!

Talking about things I'd never done before... Zipper fly. Hello... Have you looked at those? No way I can pull that off! *correction* Way I can do it! Yay! So awesome. I do them all the time now. Even used this tutorial to add a functioning zipper to a pattern of another designer. :-)

I also added the faux button tabs to the bottom of the legs so I could have my blue accent fabric come back there. I really like how that turned out.

They ended up being a little long, but that has been fixed in the final version of the pattern. 

And the kiddo? He loves them and wears them all the time!

Thanks Melissa, for another great pattern!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I have a blog


While all of blogland out there is talking about back to school, we're enjoying the perks of not having kids of school age yet. I don't want to say it's more fun that way, but let's face it... It sort of is.

So, while the kiddo is taking a well-deserved nap, mommy is using a drizzly afternoon to write an introduction post for her blog. Her 3rd blog. I fully expect it to stick this time. Three's a charm, right? (Right??) At least this time I found a name/title that I like. That should help.

Mama M. That's me. I started this blog because I, like a lot of others out there, want to share my passion to create with others out there like me. (Maybe do a bit of showing off of the things I sew...) And also because I finally wanted a place on the web to broadcast some of the pictures I take. I guess I just wanted a piece of the internet that I could make all mine. :-) This blog will be sew me!
It would be nice if some people would read it, but if not, I'll just have fun writing it.

I hope I'll see you back soon.

Mama M(arieke).