Sunday, July 5, 2015

Testing for a new designer: Momma Quail patterns!

Well, obviously, despite all my good intentions, I'm not very good at keeping up with this blogging business... Today though I am very motivated to tell you about a new designer I've been testing for recently: Momma Quail Patterns!

I'd seen a lot of Amy's sewing all over the Facebook sewing community and I love everything she makes. So when I heard she started designing patterns, I was super excited. And when she let me test for her, I was even more excited!

The first pattern I got to test was the Timmy Top.

How great is that? I love how easy it is to use different fabrics to create a variety of looks with this pattern. Great for busting through that pile of scraps you just can't seem to toss, or those fat quarters that are otherwise too small for making clothes (in my case the blue superhero fabric). The pattern is also super easy to follow, so even though the idea of a button-up shirt might be intimidating, it really shouldn't be!


Amy has really been on a roll designing patterns, and this week she launched her Zanzibar Shores Lounge set, including a tank top and pants/shorts. I was lucky enough to test both patterns in the set!

I absolutely love these. For one, they are super quick and easy. I made both of these in one night and that included taping one of the two patterns. I love a pattern I can make from start to finish in one sewing session. They tend to have a higher chance of being completed within a reasonable timeframe. ;-) These patterns are perfect for adding some fun prints to comfy knit wear as the stripes can be made from woven fabric. They are great for upcycling some old tees and emptying your scrap bin! They are also apparently very comfy, the kiddo loves them and didn't want to take them off.
You can also get the patterns separately: the pants are here and the tank is here

If you want to give Momma Quail Patterns a try (and believe me, you do!), now is your chance to get one (or two or three) at a discount. The code "HAPPYFOURTH" is valid through tomorrow (July 6th) for 20% off all patterns. Off to Etsy!

Oh and in case you were wondering: these patterns are all great for RUNNING!!!!

** I'm not getting anything in return for all my praise. I actually mean all of that. :-) **